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You’ve reached the homepage of author Lauren Hawkeye.

Whether you got here by accident or were deliberately searching, I hope you’ll stay a while. This home page is where I will post news and nonsense… not necessarily in that order.



I’m looking for people for my Street Team…


Well, here’s the deal.

If you sign up for my street team, you will receive the following:
*free e-copies of my indie books, as soon as I can manage (before they go on sale!)
*as many free copies as I can manage of my traditionally pubbed books… I will likely end up rotating these amongst you to give everyone some freebies, since my publishers don’t always give me enough copies
*a chance to win a monthly prize (drawn from members of the team)
*a little present every December

In return I ask that you:
*join the street team e-mail loop
*post reviews of the books you’ve received from me on Amazon and Goodreads… and Barnes and Noble, if you manage it

*occasionally help me out by tweeting and posting on Facebook
*refrain from posting a review of 3 stars and under without speaking with me first

Getting started: just e-mail me!



MARCH 31: Lauren Hawkeye free series prequel
APRIL 15: Julia Kent, Adriana Hunter, Avery Aster
MAY 13: Sharon Page, Suzanne Rock, Marian Tee
JUNE 17: Sara Fawkes, Eliza Gayle, Cathryn Fox
JULY 15: Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde, Daire St. Denis
AUGUST 12: Steena Holmes, Mari Carr, Roni Loren
SEPTEMBER 16: Lauren Hawkeye, Eden Bradley, Opal Carew
OCTOBER 14: Delilah Devlin, Kimberly Kaye Terry, Tawny Stokes
NOVEMBER 4: Joey W. Hill, R.G. Alexander, Sarah Castille
Jennifer Probst, C.C. MacKenzie, Jessica Clare

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